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26 February 2007


Gerry Murray

Hi Jacqui

I enjoyed this event. It was both well run and informative and I will mention it on my own blog in the next post.

Amy Moser Serao

Quentin mentioned that there were a couple of groups that tended not to be represented in the internal comms market and he thought there were some problems there. These were women with young children and minorities. I heard on BBC Today about a recent Equalities report sponsored by Trevor Phillips. Here is an interesting stat from the report:

It cites a survey of 122 recruitment agencies that revealed more than 70% of them had been asked by clients to avoid hiring pregnant women or those of childbearing age.

Here's the link for more...


Marc Wright

If you would like to see an interview with Quentin Cowdry that I recorded on the night go to http://www.blip.tv/file/157746/

Gerry Murray

For anyone interested in continuing a conversation about the value of using consultants I invite you to join in on the IABC Belgium blog: blog.iabc.be

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