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Saturday, 11 November 2006



We liked the roots.lab review too! Ian made a keen appraisal and an excellent set of constructive criticisms.

To your question, Adaptation is 99% learning from mistakes, and in this particular case, part of what makes the tagging aspect of Green My Apple a success is that it used a previous shipwreck as its lighthouse. The more we in the advocacy community share these lessons -- good and bad -- the faster we'll evolve into something better capable of surviving in the Web 2.0 environment.




I'm glad you found my GreenMyApple post worth a post! And speaking to both your "How to enable?" question and Brian's response -- yesterday I attended my first "unconference," RootsCamp NYC, which was everything I hoped it would be and then some. (I've been reading about BarCamp for months, sounded great but hadn't yet attended one; RootsCamp is an extension of the BarCamp DIY-conference model.) There were a lot of smart people there working on the same communications problems that I am, and most of the sessions I partook of were really good conversations.

The real value, I think, of a face-to-face skill-share event like RootsCamp is that it helps to cement the online connections that bloggers and other social-web practitioners make with each other -- the face-to-face meeting makes it more likely that people like you, me, Brian will carry on good conversations online. There's only so much we can share in a 45-minute session at an unconference, but hopefully that can spark something that unfolds over time in our blogs.

So here's hoping I meet you both at some future conference!

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