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03 November 2006


Andrew Riley

You're right - things have been a bit quiet on the blog front but everyone has been so busy with work.

For me (Andrew Riley) I am now in the strangely quiet eye of the storm. As Chair of IABC EuroComm with bags packed at the door I've got an hour before leaving for Dublin, and two days before EuroComm on Sunday pm to Tuesday lunchtime (12-14th November). 11 months of planning packed into 48 hours.

I've never been to a EuroComm before but as I had heard such great things about it from people I admire and trust, I decided to get involved. When I heard that EuroComm was to be in Dublin I volunteered as Chair because my grandfather - Matt Murphy - came from New Ross, Co Wexford. (The family used to run a taxi firm and lived by the quay).

Matt Murphy worked and lived in various ports around Europe before settling down in London - so it seemed right for me to take a trip to EuroComm, Dublin.

Looking down the list of EuroComm attendees there are about 90 plus people coming from around 20 countries. What an amazing experience it is going to be - a gathering of a clan of communicators wanting to learn, work hard, and delight in each other's company. These are values that Matt Murphy would recognise, whistle and clap his hands too.

I can think of nowhere more fitting for EuroComm than Dublin -a capital with a special dynamism and history of its own because it has been a key contributor to the expansion of business, learning and culture in Europe and beyond.

Think of us all this Sunday night on 12th November crowding together and starting our tour of Dublin bars and listening to Irish music and literary readings.

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